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Community Futures St. Paul - Smoky Lake is a community driven, non-profit organization that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of local business people who 
bring extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our Board members represent our region’s
 population and main economic sectors. The role of the Board is to establish our organization’s priorities, monitor our performance, and 
be accountable to key stakeholders, such as local, provincial and federal governments.

Each of our member municipalities and Band Councils choose a representative to sit on the Community Futures Board.  This appointment is done each October at the municipal organizational meetings.  We also have members at large from across the region who are appointed through a motion of the Board.

Interested in becoming a board member or committee volunteer? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Current Board composition 

We are proud of the varied background, knowledge and skills that our Board Members bring to our Community Futures Board.

Currently the Board consists of 

Municipal elected officials - 8

Business Owners/operator (current or retired) - 3

Indigenous - 1

Francophone - 1

Male - 6

Female - 2

Community Volunteers - 8

Person with a disability - 1

Hedrick, Dale

Board Member

Dale came to the Community Futures Board in October 2019 and was appointed by the County of St. Paul.  He is a County Councillor and is happy to bring his knowledge and experience as a small business owner to the board.


Laurent Amyotte


T: 780-210-2365

Laurent is a County of St. Paul Councillor for Division 6.  He lives on a farm with his wife Patti, where they raised their four daughters.  He also owns a construction company known as The Renovators.  Of the many different boards he serves on, Community Futures is one of his favorites.

Whitelaw, Ross

Board Member

T: 780-656-3532

Ross is a councilor for the Town of Smoky Lake.  He and his wife operate a consulting business out of their home.  She is a bookkeeper while Ross programs and creates databases.  Ross has a consedirable experience on various boards.  He is curently chairman of YUGO Ministries, Canada and a member of the board for On Eagle's Wings.  For a while, Ross was a Council of General Synod, national governing body of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Melody Morton

Board member

Melody Morton was born  in Sussex New Brunswick but moved to Alberta with her family at a young age.  After living in a few different communities, she landed in Smoky Lake in 2004, since then she has made it her home.  She has been working at Chomay Dental for the last 14 years and currently is a member of the Smoky Lake town council.  Melody is passionate about her community and enjoys volunteering for the local services groups.

Frank Barry

Board member

T: 780-614-0950

Frank is the representative on the Board from the Village of Vilna.  Frank spent many years on Village of Vilna council and has a heart for the community.  Frank has many interests and enjoys his time with Community Futures  in assisting small businesses across the region.

Gary Ward

Vice Chair

T: 780-646-0845

Gary is a Town Councillor - Town of St. Paul.  He is a former business owner and an avid sports enthusiast who can be found volunteering with one of the local sports teams.  Currenlty Gary is a salesperson for Smyl Motors and enjoys working in the community to see that there are lots of opportunities for people to enjoy living small communities.

Nathan Taylor

Board Member

Nathan is currently a Councillor from the Town of St. Paul.  Nathan has a long history with Community Futures as he is returning to our board after sitting as a Smoky Lake representative in the past.  He enjoyed his time with our board and even after moving to a new community in the region, once again asked to be on the board representing his new community.  Nathan works for CNRL out of Elk Point.  Nathan is busy in the community as a husband and father.  He is also the President of the newly formed Lasting Impressions Toastmasters club.

Debra McQuinn

Board Chair

T: 780-614-8288

My job is to hear, see, and speak for my communities needs and wishes.  To be an advocate for change and growth while displaying a respectful, honest, and dependable leadership role.  This term is my second time in council and I hope to be able to help our small community achieve success, growth, and prosperity.


I am a Collage graduate from Lakeland College, Lloydminster campus class of 1997; with a diploma as a Rehabilitation Practioner in the field of study of Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions.


I am currently the Assistant Manager Member Services with Servus Credit Union St. Paul branch, and a member of Town of Elk Point Council.


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