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How do I apply for a loan:

Come into our office and sit down with our Loans Officer.  They will lead you through the process necessary for the loan application. They will look at your business plan (or coach you through creating one if you don't already have one) and look at the business you want to finance and your credit history. 

Community Futures works with clients who have been turned down by a traditional lender (banks or credit unions).    

The Loan Officer will present information on your loan to the Board of Director's who will make a decision on the application.  Board Members are volunteers from the region who have knowledge of the community, business experience, or a passion for economic development in the region.   

How long does it take for a loan application?

Once the Loan Officer gets your inforamtion and does a credit check he is able to prepare the information for presentation to the Board of Director's.  The Board meets once per month on a regular basis but can meet more often if necessary to consider loan applications.

How much money can I get from Community Futures?

Our office is able to lend up to $150,000 in repayable financial assistance for new or existing businesses.

Are there different types of loans?

Yes, we have loans specifically designed for youth (age 18 -29) loans for entrepreneurs with a disability and loans for new or an existing business. Here is a listing of all our loans.

Loan Decision Appeal Processes

Community Futures St. Paul - Smoky Lake Region is an independent non-for-profit corporation led by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The local Board of Directors has final authority for all decisions.

In an effort to safeguard all efforts are made to ensure our clients are served in a fair professional manner, the Board of Directors will ensure thte corporation provides clients with access to an appeal process.

In addition, where a client requests an independent review of the Board's original and subsequent appeal process, the Board of Directors will ensure the corporation provides the client with timely access to a process of external appeal provided in Alberta through the North East Regional Appeal/Redress Committee.

The role of the North East Region's Appeal/Redress Committee is to provede an external and independent review of the Community Futures St. Paul - Smoky Lake Region's decision make and internal review processes.  The Board of Community Futures St. Paul - Smoky Lake Region maintains all final authority for all decisions.







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